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I am not sure what to put on this page as of yet. I intend on becoming a caseworker and the closest thing would be a school counselor, so...if it is possible to use this position in a way that creates homework in their classes, I would first have an "About me..." that is grade appropriate during the first week of school with the printoff sheets then colored, cut out and posted along the hallway near their classrooms...with favorite food, self portrait, favorite color, etc. It would be a way for students to see the similarities and differences and celebrate both followed by learning about different cultures (mostly older grades) through a fair of sorts...called "Around the World" (my daughters did this in girl scouts and loved it)....class projects. This would be followed by anti-bullying presentations (age appropriate), the importance of being a friend and kind speech/actions as well as the difference between tattling and telling when there's something serious going on. The activities listed are simple instructions but do not require homework other than the worksheets for "About Me..." and I haven't figured out yet how to connect to anything downloaded on my computer to this website...only from other websites, so not all of my resources could be linked here....hopefully enough of them.

Get 2 Months for $5!