Websites For Teachers

Welcome Fellow Teachers! This page has helpful links to websites that can assist us in connecting with our students and better aid in the learning process. I hope they prove useful to you as much as they have me!

Discovery Education's Virtual Field Trips 

can really bring the world into your classroom! Funding for school field trips is very limited in the public school environment; however, that doesn't mean the children cannot still enjoy learning about the world around them thanks to our technological advances. Fun and learning rolled into one!

Education's Worksheets, Activites & Guided Lesson Plans go a long way in supplementing our school provided lesson plans to help our students practice and improve the skills we teach. With the guided lesson plans and worksheets especially, we can improve upon what we have and best of all, they're free!

Intervention Central 

provides resources to help teachers learn how to best help struggling learners as well as accomodating children with special needs. They provide information, videos, workshops and so much more to help you reach out and ensure your entire class has their learning needs met.

  Teaching Tolerance 

has "Bullying: Guidelines for Teachers" that lists what to do and what not to do in a situation involving bullying in your school or classroom, as well as several other teaching resources. The tips listed are invaluable in the public school environment and beyond. It would make a great supplement to Anti-bullying lessons.

School Express 

allows you to create your own worksheets for your classroom, in a variety of topics and levels, free.