Behavior Plan

Behavior management plan 

To create a positive learning environment, an extensive behavior management plan needs to be put in place. This includes guidelines, procedures, consequences, open communication, and student interest. With these components in place, students can feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, effective management plans can prevent or reduce behavioral problems before arising. For instance, when students are provided with clear expectations and procedures, they can execute classroom work or activities without disruption or bad behavior. Also, having open communication with parents is crucial for creating an effective plan since parents can reinforce consequences or procedures from school at home. Students need to be aware that parents and teachers are all on the same team working together to see their students succeed. Lastly, to avoid bad behavior due to disinterest, I will be creating material and activities that will ignite interest and motivate students to work.  


Procedures are in place to keep our classroom safe, organized, and productive. Examples of classroom procedures are 

  1. How to enter the classroom: Students will know exactly what to do when they walk into the classroom because procedures help reduce confusion and ensure students stay on task. This also helps teachers take attendance and assures everyone is safe in the classroom.

  2.  Turning in homework: Aside from keeping the classroom organized, this also helps avoid any lost paperwork. As well as give students a sense of responsibility for their work and getting it turned in correctly.  

  3.  Morning Work: When students have unpacked and settled in, they will locate their morning work and begin the activity. This will either be a warm-up activity or working on learning centers. It’s the students’ responsibility to check which one is assigned and begin working on it.

Classroom guidelines

  1. Be Respectful to others 

  2. Always Listen 

  3. Be open-minded 

  4. Be Kind 

  5. Always try your best 


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1st offense: Students are given a warning with a talk about the behavior. 

2nd offense: Student loses 10 minutes from recess time. 

3rd offense: Student loses recess completely.

4th offense: Parent letter sent home. (parent must sign the letter) 

5th offense: A visit to the principal office.