Classroom information

Homework Policy


I understand students have busy schedules; therefore, most of the homework assigned is meant to solidify the information learned in class. Every Monday, students will be given a homework checklist sheet with a folder. Homework will be given from Monday-Thursday, but will not be due until the following Monday. Everything in the homework folder should be completed and signed. Despite homework not being assigned on the weekends, students should complete any unfinished homework from that week before coming to class on Monday. 

Homework may include 

  • Reading a book or listening to a story. 

  • Practicing vocabulary words 

  • Practicing Math facts 

  • Assignment not completed at school or were absent. 

  • Worksheets 

Students are expected to have their homework completed and signed on Mondays. Failure to complete this task may lead to other consequences, such as a call home or loss of playtime. Despite young age, students need to become accustomed and familiar with turning in homework since future grades may increase the workload. If there is ever a reason that your child is unable to complete his/her homework when it is due, just write a note, and we will work something out.


Classroom jobs

  • Paper Handler: passes out and/or collects classwork

  • Plant Caretaker: waters and maintains plants

  • Messenger: delivers notes to other teachers or to the office

  • Nurse Buddy: accompanies students to the nurse's office if they are sick or hurt

  • Librarian: keeps library neat 

  • Line Leader: Directs the line to the desired location

  • Line Ender: Ensures everyone is in a nice orderly line

  • Desk Inspector: Ensures desks are clean before starting a new subject or lesson

  • Centers Monitor: Ensures centers are properly put away and cleaned 

  • Lunch Count Helper: records the students who are paying for lunch and those who brought their own

  • Hall Monitor: While in the halls, ensures everyone is following school protocols 

  • Recess Helper: Counts every student and gathers materials 

  • Supply Passer: Passes supplies during class

  • Floor Monitor: Ensures the floors are cleaned after every lesson 

  • Attendance Taker: Counts attendance before class begins 

  • Trash Monitor: Collects trash from tables or around the classroom

  • Calendar Helper: Helps the teacher rearrange the classroom calendar 

  • Computer Helper: Ensures all computers have been returned and turned off

  • Lights Monitor: Turn lights off and on during class

  • Bag Carrier - This student is responsible for carrying anything you might need to transport when you are going from one place to another.

  •  Substitute - These students (a boy and a girl) are responsible for the jobs of anybody who is absent.