What is your student up to this week?
Overview for October 5th-9th


  • This week students will start to identify odd and even numbers in groups. We will be going over grouping objects in class and determining if the number of objects is even or odd.
  • On Friday I would like each student to bring in a number of items (MAX OF 20) .
  • Example of items: marbles, books, candy, pencils, stamps, stickers, etc.
  • We will be presenting in class. Each student will then decide if they brought in an even amount or an odd amount.

Language Arts:

  • This week students will describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.
  • Monday and Tuesday, we will read short stories in class and go over how characters responded to event and challenges in the stories.
  • Wednesday-Friday we will be writing our own short stories in class.
  • NO HOMEWORK is given this week for this subject.
  • Please review and practice the words for this week for out spelling test on Friday, October 9th.



  • This week students will identify common materials and appropriate uses based on their physical properties.
  • We will go over how objects are sorted and classified by properties such as strength, flexibility, hardness, texture, etc. 
  • NO HOMEWORK is given this week for this subject.
  • We will have an in-class survey Wednesday and Thursday. 


Social Studies: 

  • This week students will learn how to reconstruct the past by using a timeline and/or calendar. 

  • We will be doing various activities in class where students will have to reconstruct the past by using a timeline or calendar for people such as George Washington and James Madison. 

  • Homework for this week will be a timeline worksheet about themselves that I will send home Tuesday October 6th for your child to fill out and turn back in on Thursday, October 8th. This should not take much time at all, but it is great practice!