Mrs. Munns (Room 103)


Math Help:

Before and after school:  7:45-8:2Oam or 3:10-3:45pm (most days)

During study hall/lunch:  When prearranged.

Supplies Needed Everyday:


Loose-leaf paper

Binder or folder (Math Notebook)


Calculator (optional but recommended)



Students are expected to come to class each day prepared, and ready, to learn. This would include coming on time with all necessary supplies. Students should also come prepared with the right attitude for learning. They should listen while instruction is given and work when given homework time. Students should be respectful of everyone’s right to learn (including their own). Behavior that disrupts the learning process will not be tolerated.

Other Rules, Ideas, and Procedures:

1. It is highly recommended that tests and homework be done in pencil. “Everyone makes mistakes; that’s why pencils have erasers.”

2. Homework should be ready to correct or hand in at the beginning of the class period it is due. If a student is absent, they are allowed 2 days to make up the work. According to department rules, late work shall receive 50% off!

3. Students are required to keep all notes, assignments, quizzes, etc. in an organized Math Notebook (preferably a 3-ring binder with dividers) throughout the entire trimester and/or year. There will be periodic notebook checks and tests.

4. Students should bring, and use, their student agendas in class. Hall passes will be used from the agenda, and the agenda only.

5. Students are allowed, and encouraged, to bring a water bottle to class. Consequently hall passes to use the drinking fountain will be limited.

6. 5-Minute Checks will be given at the beginning of most every class. They are small review problems. Students should start them as soon as they come into class and are expected to have them finished within 5 minutes of class. Students will hand in 5-minute checks at the end of each week.


A student’s final grade will be determined by a compilation of scores including:

Tests (200 pts. each), Quizzes (25 pts. each), Notebook Checks and Notebook Tests (25 pts. each), Daily Homework Assignments (pts. vary), 5-Minute Checks (25 pts. weekly), Extra Credit (as offered), and any other project or assignment the teacher sees fit.