Study Hall

8th Grade Study Hall

What is Study Hall?:  

Study Hall is a time in which students may work on homework, read, get homework help, make-up assignments/quizzes, learn study skills, etc.


Supplies Needed Everyday:   Homework, Reading Book, or Both

Agenda (Student Planner)


Other Rules, Ideas, and Procedures:

1.  Students will work quietly on homework and/or read during class.

2. Most days Channel 1 News will be played during class.

3. Students should bring their student agendas to this and all classes.   Hall passes will be used from the agenda, and the agenda only.

4. Students are allowed, and encouraged, to bring a water bottle to class.   Consequently, hall passes to use the drinking fountain will be limited.

5. Students may get homework help from the teacher during class.   Also if needed, and with written permission from the receiving teacher, students may go to another Study Hall class to get homework help and or make-up work.   However, students should get permission notes prior to class.   Hall passes will not be issued for a student to go get a note from another teacher.

6. As a reward for working quietly Monday - Thursday, the class may earn a “Free Friday.”   On “Free Friday” students are allowed to visit with friends, play games, watch movies, etc.   However, students must EARN “Free Friday.”



A student’s Study Hall grade will be determined by preparation (having something to work on), being on time (tardiness = lost points), behavior, and agenda checks.   Students will be given a score (0-5 points) daily according to the above.