Music Riddles

Have fun looking at the riddles and telling them to your family and friends!

1.       What is the difference between a composer and a letter carrier?

One writes notes and the other delivers them

2.       What kind of a band doesn’t play music?

A rubber band

3.       If a band plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning?

The conductor

4.       Why do we say “amen” and not “awomen”?

Because we sing “hymns”, not “hers”

5.       Why did the orchestra have bad manners?

Because it didn’t know how to conduct itself

6.       What do you call someone who hates operas?

An operator (opera hater)

7.       What famous music did Charles Dickens write?

Oliver Twist

8.       What kind of phone makes music?

A saxophone

9.       What musical instrument from Spain helps you fish?

A cast-a-net (castanet)

10.   What did the kid put his head on the piano?

Because he wanted to play by ear

11.   What musical instrument doesn’t tell the truth?

A lyre (liar)

12.   Why doesn’t the piano work?

Because it only knows how to play

13.   What kind of music does a ghost play?

Haunting melodies

14.   What are pianos so noble?

Many are upright and the rest are grand

15.   Why are jazz musicians so sweet?

Because they play in jam sessions

16.   Why couldn’t anyone find the famous composer?

Because he was Haydn (hidin)

17.   What musical instrument does a skeleton play?

A trombone

18.   What large instrument do you carry in your ears?

Drums (ear drums)

19.   How do you get out of a locked room if it has a piano in it?

Play the piano until you find the right key and then use it to get out

20.   Why did the mother put her baby on the phonograph?

Because it had an automatic changer

21.   Why is a violin like an automobile?

Because it is best when its tuned up

22.   What would you get if you crossed a stereo with a refrigerator?

Very cool music

23.   What has eight feet and can sing?

A barbershop quartet

24.   What dance did the Pilgrims do?

The Plymouth Rock

25.   What dance do hippos hate?

A square dance