Mrs. Cochran's FACS Class - Mustang High School




ATTENDANCE:        According to school policy, students can be absent 12 days. On the 13th absence, they receive NO credit. In my class, we do more hands-on activities than other classes, which are not available to be made up.  We also have participation grades and group activities, it’s essential that you are here on those days. If you are in activities that take you out of school, be aware of the effect absences have on your grade. When you know you will be out of class, please see me immediately to make up arrangements on the missing work.

TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS: Due dates for assignments are specified and work is expected to be turned in ON TIME. I will allow class time on most assignments. If you are present for the class period and it’s due at the end of the hour, you are not allowed to turn it in at another time.  If you are having difficulty and need extra time, let me know during class. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP TRACK OF THE MISSING WORK TO BE TURNED IN.

MAKE UP WORK: According to the student handbook, you have 1 day to make up work for each day you are absent.  If work was assigned BEFORE you were absent, it’s due the day you return. If there is a long term assignment due, you need to let me know you need extra time BEFORE it’s due. Do not expect extra time if you come to me the day before the assignment is due.  Make up work is listed in the makeup notebook with any handouts in the folder next to it. The due date will also be listed, it is YOUR responsibility to turn it in by the assignments due date, without reminders from me.  If work is not turned in by the makeup due date, a 0 will be given, NO EXCEPTIONS. If now work is listed, come see me.

CLASS MATERIALS: If a book is checked out to you, you are responsible for it. Some classes will only use a book during class and one may be checked out for makeup work is needed. I will provide a file folder in which you are required to keep materials handed back. This is to be kept in the CLASSROOM.

CELL PHONES: These are a BIG distraction. KEEP CELL PHONES PUT AWAY IN A BAG OR PURSE AND TURNED OFF.  Do not ask to step out of my room to make a call, make it during break. Cell phone violations receive 2 hours detention and phones will be picked up by parents.

RESPECT: This is a BIG deal. You should not only show respect to me, but to your class mates as well. Listening without talking, using appropriate language and treating people courteously are minimum expectation. If I feel that you need to make attitude changes, please do so without arguing. My tables, chairs, equipment and materials also need to be respected!



Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month in E118 (Mrs. Mangus's room) at 3:45.

Upcoming FCCLA events:

Community Service: November trip to the Regional Food Bank, February trip to the City Rescue Mission.