A copy of the school rules, which parents were, also given at the begining oif the school year as well as our class room rules and expectations are listed on this page.

School Safety Rules

Safety of both our students and staff are our number one priority here at Make Believe School.  Our teachers and support staff are trained to recognize and report any safety concern.  Make Believe School is a place where we can all count on to be safe and to be treated fairly.  The following rules are put in place to ensure that the school remains a safe and fair place.

  • No weapons
  • No racial or sexest slurs will be tolerated
  • No running in the hall ways
  • Adults must check in at the front office with an ID
  • Students must be in uniform
  • No cussing
  • respect others
  • No destroying school property
  • No smoking 
  • No parking in the drop off area

                                                                                                         Classroom Rules

  • raise your hand to talk
  • respect others when they are talking
  • Always try 
  • Follow directions
  • No talking when teacher is talking