My Bio

If I could pick one word to describe me it would be creativity. I love to get my hands dirty and to be

right in the middle of what’s going on! I’m a southern belle reigning from Hoover Alabama.

There are so many, many things that I love to do but, I will only share a few. I will do my best to give a

full picture of myself. Reading has been one of my favorite pastimes since I first learned to read. My favorite

author is Zora Neale Hurston. The first Zora Neale Hurston book I read was, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

What a wonderful read it was. I honestly don’t have a favorite book but, there are a few I’ve read more than


One type of book I read very often is cookbooks. Cooking is one of the two hobbies I have learned

from my grandmother. My grandmother was a caterer when I was growing up. Summers with her meant

plenty of cooking. So much so, that cooking became second nature to me. It’s fun to take a simple recipe and

make it your own.  If I could sum myself up in one word it would definitely be creative. I love trying new things and finding ways to

make life fun and bright