Period 3: Advanced English 11

Students will be covering the following material throughout the year.

1. Weekly word work - Students will receive a worksheet to help their vocabulary each Friday. The worksheets will cover elements of language that will help students' abilities to understand language in texts and standardized tests.

2. Grammar - Students will review the beginnings of the English langugae, register, tone, voice, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, positives, comparatives, superlatives, dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, commonly confused words, prepositions, interrupters, phrases, clauses, and punctuation.

3. Research paper - Students will learn how to research, take notes, write bibliography cards, format a research paper, and write a works cited page in MLA format.

4. Introduction to Literature

5. American Literature Project - Students will do a group project about early American literature.

6. Fiction - Students will learn about the elements of fiction, modern fiction, and read The Scarlet Letter.

7. Nonfiction - Students will learn about the elements of nonfiction, modern nonfiction, and complete a nonfiction project.

8. Poetry - Students will learn about the elements of poetry, modern poetry, and complete a poetry project.

9. Drama - Students will learn about the elements of drama, modern drama, and read Death of a Salesman.