Period 4: English 11


Students will be covering the following material throughout the year.

1. Weekly word work - Students will receive a worksheet to help their vocabulary each Friday. The worksheets will cover elements of language that will help students' abilities to understand language in texts and standardized tests.

2. Grammar - Students will review the beginnings of the English langugae, register, tone, voice, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, positives, comparatives, superlatives, dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, commonly confused words, prepositions, interrupters, phrases, clauses, and punctuation.

3. Research paper - Students will learn how to research, take notes, write bibliography cards, format a research paper, and write a works cited page in MLA format.

4. Applied English - Students will learn about filling out forms, giving directions, writing a step-by-step procedure, wrting a business letter, writing a memo, writing a proposal, writing a resume, writing a public service announcement, displaying efective visual information, working on a team, English in career development, English in business, English in marketing, English in the media, English across the curriculum, and English in your personal life

5. Literary Terms Review

6. Genres in Literature - Students will be covering elements of different genres as well as literature within those units.

     1. Nonfiction - Students will learn about the elements of nonfiction, read literature within that genre, and complete a project dealing with nonfiction. 

     2. Fiction - Students will learn about the elements of fiction, read Animal Farm, and complete a fiction project.

     3. Poetry - Students will learn about the elements of poetry, read poetry, and complete a poetry project.

     4. Drama - Students will learn about the elements of drama, read a play, and complete a drama project.