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Period 5: English 9

Students will cover the following within the school year:

1. Weekly word study - Every Friday (during semester 1) students will receive a packet for weekly word study. This packet will cover different tools for understanding new words and discovering the meaning of words in text. This will help not only during everyday reading, but it will also help understanding on standardized tests.

2. Grammar - Students will cover the development of the English language, parts of speech, building effective sentences, grammar and usage errors, punctuation, and spelling rules. Students will be expected to take notes from a Powerpoint.

3. Writing Introduction - Students will cover elaborating, sentences to paragraphs, paragraphs to compositions, and and effective language.

4. Reading Introduction - Students will cover reading for experience, reading to learn, and reading for information.

5. Literature and Writing - Students will cover the following sections in their literature books. Between units, students will have writing assignments.

     1. The Folk Tradition

     2. Poetry

     3. Fiction (Huckleberry Finn)

     4. Drama (Romeo and Juliet)

     5. Nonfiction

     6. Information and Visual Media

     7. Search for Self

     8. What is Talent

     9. Relationships

     10. Courage and Perseverance

     11. Journeys

     12. Visions of the Future

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