Period 6: English 7 (Boys)

Students will follow the following topics throughout the school year:

1. Weekly vocabulary - Students will receive new vocabulary on Fridays. Vocabulary helps students in reading, writing, and understanding.

2. Grammar - Students will learn about the sentence, parts of speech, phrases, clauses, punctuation, and contractions.

3. Spelling - Students will learn about spelling patterns.

4. Writing - Students will learn about characterization, forms of writing, cliches, dialogue, figurative language, purposes for writing, audience, sentence structure, rhythm, register, tone, diction, and voice.

5. Literature - Students will be covering the following units in their literature book.

     1. Finding Your Place in This World

     2. The World Around Us

     3. From One World to Another

     4. A Sporting Life

     5. Chills and Thrills

     6. Taking Flight

     7. Pass it On: World Mythology

     8. Stories to Tell: Fiction (The Misfits)

     9. Words in Motion: Poetry

     10. Turning Words into Action: Drama

     11. Telling it As It Is: Nonfiction

     12. Reading Between the Lines: Informational and Visual Media