English I is a year long course that is designed for 9th grade students who will be taking FCAT Reading and the FCAT Writes the following spring.  Beyond preparing you for the FCAT, we will also be preparing you to succeed in your other classes this year, through your high school career and in the future.  The curriculum of this language arts course includes reading and vocabulary.  Composition instruction will focus on effective drafting and revising of five-paragraph essays.  Language instruction includes grammar, mechanics, and usage in Standard English.  We will be reading various selections of world literature. 

Materials Needed   You will need a separate binder (no largerthan 1”), a separate 1-subject spiral notebook and/or loose leaf paperas well as pens/pencils/highlighters.  If you need help obtaining materials, please let me know as soon as possible.  Our textbook is titled, Literature: Language and Literacy, Grade Nine (prentice Hall).

You the students are expected to…
ü  Be present everyday, both physically and mentally
ü  Come prepared with your materials
ü  Come prepared to participate
ü  Follow all classroom, school, and district policies
ü  Have some fun
ü  Expect some challenges and difficulties
As your teacher, you can expect me to…
ü  Be present everyday, both physically and mentally
ü  Come prepared to teach
ü  Be available outside of class for help and to answer questions
ü  Give students timely feedback
ü  Have some fun
ü  Be stumped by a few questions

As a student, you have the right to…
ü  To be treated with respect from everyone who sets foot in our classroom
ü  A peaceful environment in which you can do your best work
ü  Professional and effective instruction from your teachers 
As your teacher, I have the right to…
ü  To be treated with respect from all of my students
ü  Teach in a peaceful environment in which all students’ right to learn in protected
ü  Enforce and follow through with all classroom, school, and district rules
ü  Expect the best work possible from each student

 ProceduresFor a copy of the student handbook, please go to  All rules and policies outlines, will be followed in this class. 

Classroom Rules:  

1.Be in your assigned seat with all of your materials when the bell rings.

2.Follow all directions and instructions the first time they are given. 

3.Treat yourself, your classmates, your teacher and materials with respect. 

Absent/Makeup Work:      Plan ahead!  If you give me reasonable notice, I can give you your assignments ahead of time.  Otherwise make up work will be given and accepted per district policy.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed (ask a classmate, see me outside of class time, check the makeup binder and classroom calendar) and turn it in.  Makeup work, tests, quizzes, FCAs are not to be worked on during instructional time. 

When you want to know what your grade is or get a grade printout:  See me during non-instructional time.  I will not stop instruction to have a personal conference with you. 

Don’t like your grade or think it’s inaccurate?:       If a mistake is made, please allow me to fix it!  Turn in your grade printout and staple the misreported assignment to it.  I will fix it ASAP and get it back to you.  On the other hand, if your grade is an accurate reflection of your effort and participation (or lack of) come see me outside of instructional time and we will discuss your grade and develop a plan of action. 

Extra Credit:         Extra credit is for students who are completing and turning in all of their assignments and are working diligently in class.  Extra credit will not be given to students who are not completing and turning in assignments and are mentally “checked-out” during class. 

Passes:        Students are given passes to use to leave for water/restroom/etc.  Passes that are not used are valuable and can be used to earn an instant 100 on homework/classwork, erase tardies or cell phone ‘One & Dones’.  It is in your best interest to go between class and save them. 

Grading Distribution:      

Homework/ Classwork/ Daily Assignments: 30%

Assessments: 30%

Authentic Tasks:  40%                                                                   

Total: 100%

Grading Policies (per the District’s Marion County Code of Conduct)

Make up work:It is the student’s responsibility “To request makeup assignments from teachers upon return to school and to complete this work within one (1) day for each day of absence except in the case of extenuating circumstances.”  (found on page 11) 

For suspensions:Students follow the same make up work policy but will receive 50%credit for work that is turned in.  (found on page 35) 

Late Work:Per district policy, teachers may assign a grade of an "F" to late work.   

Assignments returned to students to redo:If a student does not complete an assignment correctly and the teacher turns it back to him/her, the student should turn it back in a reasonable time as designated by the teacher.