Group Reading Project

Read the book selected for your group.  After you have read it, the group will have time to discuss and plan its presentation.

The presentation on the book is to include the following elements:

1.      1-2 page synopsis from each individual, detailing what the book is about, its major theme, and a personal connection indicating what you will take away from the book.

2.      Each group will prepare a 5-7 minute presentation on the book.  This presentation needs to contain name of author and book, what the book is about, what its major theme is, and what members of the group will take away from the reading.  In addition, you are expected to use some sort of visual aid, and to make a recommendation to the rest of the class as to whether other students should read it.  Some effective ways of presentation include drawings of a talented member of the group, original poetry (such as a biopoem), or if you do a poster or PowerPoint, it should include the following:

·        Complete title and author of the book

·        Who is important and why—a minimum of three people

·        Significant passages

·        Understanding of an important theme in this book

·        A visual image to represent a person, event, symbol, or other issue in this book

·         “Thumbs-up” or “thumbs down?”  (Like or dislike?)

·        Challenges as a reader


3.      As an individual, and as a group, you have a lot of choices and decisions to make.  Whatever  you decide to do, make it pretty!  Basically, you can do whatever you want in the presentation.  These are just suggestions




















































A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosseini Group Mural 


 Instructions:  Create a mural relating to one of the thematic or literary areas listed below.  Assign tasks for each group member as soon as possible.  Be sure to include the following in your mural:


P      Name of the novel and author

P      Group topic (from those below)

P      A minimum of 5 quotations and any explanatory commentary

P      Names of all group members on the back


The purpose of the mural should be immediately clear to the viewer.


The clarity of the text is most important.  This text must be visually emphasized, and not hidden among the illustrations.


Your illustrations may be hand drawn or you may use cuttings from magazines, but you may not use drawings or photographs that already depict scenes from the book.    Avoid clutter and remember, your illustrations should enhance your textual references.  A balanced use of text and illustration is the goal.


Your mural will be graded on overall effect.  Textual references are very important, so use those that will be of the greatest interest and informational value to someone who has not read the book.


You must use the poster board provided in class.  I have markers, glue, scissors, and some construction paper, but bring any other materials you think you might need to class with you.

Thematic Areas:

Role of Women:  Throughout history, women have been the victims of unfair prejudice and discrimination.  In Afghanistan, women have often been forced into situations which challenge their very ability to endure.  Your mural must reflect the conflict, as well as hope for the future.


Human Capacity for Evil:  Humans are capable of both extraordinary good and extraordinary evil.  The Taliban cares about nothing but winning, no matter the cost.  Your mural must reflect the conflict, as well as hope for the future.


Loyalty:  Who is devoted to whom in this book, and why?  Your mural must reflect the loyalty and devotion that humans are capable of, as well as the specific instances of this in the book.

Literary Areas:

Foreshadowing:  Prediction of future events is a common literary thread that runs throughout the novel.  Your mural must reflect examples of this, as well as definition of the element.


Symbols/Symbolism:  There are numerous examples of figurative language in this book, which contribute to making this an extremely powerful novel.  Your mural must reflect examples of this, as well as definition of the element.


Irony:  Irony is also used often, for example, when we know something that the characters do not, or appears opposite to what is expected.  Your mural must reflect examples of this, as well as definition of the element.

Reading for College Final Exhibition 

The final exhibition for this course is in two parts: 

I.                   Write a letter of self-evaluation to “Dear Mrs. Morey,” in which you comment on whether there has been any improvement in your reading rate and comprehension, if you have a better understanding of what reading involves, what you have liked or disliked about the course, etc., or if you have not shown improvement, why you think this might be.  This informal piece (although it is expected to be well-written) should be 2 pages in length.  100 points possible 

II.                 Read a book of your choice and give a 3-4 minute report on it to the class.  You should begin by giving title and author, include a brief summary of what the book is about, followed by your personal reaction and connection to the book.  End your oral presentation by making a recommendation as to whether your peers would enjoy or should read this book.  A visual aid of some sort would be a good idea.  100 points possible Rubric for Part II of Final Exhibition 


Title and Author10
Brief Summary of Contents20
Reaction and Personal Connection30
Recommendation to Others10
Delivery (Rate, Volume, Eye Contact)30