Week of August 15th

**all updates to homework will be put into student agendas. Please check your students agenda for the most up-to-date homework

 Monday  TuesdayWednesday  Thursday
 5 Times Each
 Sentences Story
 Reading * Packet due Thursday   
* Packet Due Friday

 Science/ Social Studies



Special Reminders about Homework
  • Math assignments are given on the first day of the week and due the last day of the week.  This allows for your student to ask questions in class about the assignment before submitting it.
  • Spelling assignments are the same every week.  The words will change weekly and students are responsible for ensuring they are completing the assignments daily.
    •  Monday- 5 times each
    • Tuesday- Definitions
    • Wednesday- Sentences
    • Thursday- Story
  • Students who do not complete their homework, will receive a lunch detention where they will be given the opportunity to complete the missing work.  Points can be deducted for late work.