Marine tourism seminar

Graduate Institute of Education, National Taiwan Ocean University

Special Topic on Marine Tourism Syllabus



Class: Graduate Institute of Education 2A  Class code: M9A022OD

Teacher: 嚴佳代 Ray Yen                               e-mail:

Background: Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Education/Teacher Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University; Ph.D. of Human Resource Management, National Central University; Graduate Institute of Tourism Management, Chinese Culture University.

Classroom: BOH302A              

Class time: 2018.Feb. 28th ~2018.Jun.21th (Wed) 15:10~17:00

Research Room: BOH604

Contact: 02-24622192ext 2078, 0916924125 


Captain:                     電話:                            


Basic Literacy

Core competence


Posse marine prospect and humanity culture literacy of NTOU student

Posse international competitive advantage professional ability, creative ability, executive ability, and social care ability.

College of Humanity and social science

  1. Posse macro perspective marine awareness
  2. Posse tolerance and dauntless characteristics
  3. Posse marine humanity and culture literacy
  4. Posse social practice motivation
  1. Posse marine humanity and culture professional ability
  2. Posse marine humanity and social science knowledge expression and implement ability
  3. Posse marine humanity and social science innovation ability
  4. Posse marine humanity and social science internationalize ability
  5. Posse promote social care and implement ability

Education department

  1. Posse ocean literacy
  2. Posse humanity and culture literacy
  3. Posse education research literacy
  1. Posse education research and innovation ability
  2. Posse critic and problem solving ability
  3. Posse community and team working ability
  4. Posse developing marine education ability
  5. Posse life learning ability
  6. Posse diversity culture education ability
  1. Learning purpose
  1. Learn English!!??
  2. Understand the concept of sustainable marine tourism.
  3. Understand the scope of marine tourism industry and education
  4. Understand the theory of marine tourism
  5. Apply sustainable marine tourism in Hoping island
  6. Organize the internationalization project to promote Hoping island as an international tourism spot.
  1. course requirement
  1. Please join the class on time, if you will be late please inform captain or teacher. Take a leave please follow the school regulation.
  2. If you need to have meal, please inform teacher.
  3. If your phone rings, allow me to pick it up for you.
  4. Prepare the assignment.
  5. Bring your textbook and syllabus every class.
  1. Related requirement
  1. Absent over 1/3 will fail the course and not allow to join the final exam
  2. If there is some unexpected accident cause you miss the class or the exam. You will allow to have a make-up exam.
  1. Assignment
  1. 0317-Marafa, L. M. & Chau, K. C. (2014) Framework for Sustainable Tourism Development on Coastal and Marine Zone Environment. Tourism, Leisure and Global Change, volume 1 (2014), p.TOCS-1
  2. 0321-Lück (2015). Education on marine mammal tours -But what do tourists want to learn? Ocean & Coastal Management 103 (2015) 25-33
  3. 0418-Hall, C. M. (2001). Trends in ocean and coastal tourism: the end of the last frontier? Ocean & Coastal Management 44 (2001) 601618
  4. 0425-Wienera, C. S., Needhamb, M. D. and Wilkinson, P. F.(2009).Hawaii’s real life marine park: interpretation and impacts of commercial marine tourism in the Hawaiian Islands. Current Issues in Tourism, 12(5-6), 489–504.
  5. 0502- Moscardo, G., Pearce, P., Green, D. & O'Leary, T. T. (2001) Understanding Coastal and Marine Tourism Demand from Three European Markets: Implications for the Future of Ecotourism, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 9:3, 212-227.
  6. 0509-Johnson, D. (2002). Environmentally sustainable cruise tourism: a reality check. Marine Policy 26 (2002) 261270.
  7. 0530-Davenport, J. & Davenport, J. L. (2006)The impact of tourism and personal leisure transport on coastal environments: A review. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 67, 280-292.
  8. 0613-Chen, T. C., Ku, K. C., Ying, T. C. (2012) process-based collaborative model of marine tourism service system – The case of Green Island area, Taiwan. 64, 37-46.

5. Presentation

1. paper guide: 30 minutes includes leading discussion

2. Finial presentation: Focus on Hoping Island Internationalize Education issue to prepare a concrete project. Discuss with industrial mentor and present to public in Hoping island for 20 minutes.  


(1) Paper guide:20%

(2) Final presentation 30%

(3) Pair performance 20%

(4) Individual performance 20%

(5) Attendance 10%



7Course Schedule (tentative)





1st Week 2/28

  • 228 memorial Day off



2nd Week3/7

  • QuestionnaireSyllabusCaptainPapers



3rd Week 3/17

  • Framework for Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Industrial mentor selection

Marafa & Chau (2014)


4th Week 3/21

  • Education on marine mammal tours
  • Hoping island resources discussion



5th Week 3/28

  • Speech: Hoping island and Geo Park resources introduction 



6th Week 4/4

  • Day off



7th Week 4/11

  • Field Trip in Hoping Island(1)- Geopark and Alabo Bay

Hoping island



8th Week 4/18

  • Trends in ocean and coastal tourism
  • Hoping Island development trend

Hall (2001)

Marine Ladies

9th Week 4/25

  • Interpretation and impacts of commercial marine tourism
  • Hoping Island tourism products and marketing

Wienera, Needhamb, & Wilkinson,(2009)


10th Week 5/2

  • Ecotourism Demand
  • Hoping Island interpreting and environmental education courses

Moscardo, (2001)

RT Cake

11th Week 5/9

  • Environmentally sustainable cruise tourism
  • Target market for the cruise trip tourists



12th Week 5/16

  • Field Trip in Hoping Island(2)-Aboriginal hall and Agenna Shipyard  

Hoping island


13th Week 5/23

  • Speech: Brand design and CI for the tourism spot

Bruce Lee


14th Week 5/30

  • The impact of tourism and personal leisure transport on coastal environments
  • Capacity and impact of Hoping island tourism activities  
  • Internationalization for the project proposal

Davenport & Davenport (2006)

Andy Pair

15th Week 6/6

  • Marine education conference



16th Week 6/13

  • Speech: Hoping island-New Era of the international tourism spot.

Ivan Huang, GM


17th Week 6/20

  • Project discussion with industrial mentor

Hoping island


18th Week 6/27

  • Project presentation in Hoping island