Educator's Class

I am using a science program called AMSTI.  I receive science kits four times a year.  The first kit is called Ecosystems.  The students build an ecocolumn.  This includes an aquarium and a terrarian.  When the unit is complete, the students take the ecocolumn home.  The terrarian included rye grass, rocks and sticks, mustard, and alfafa grass. The animals we place in the terrarian are crickets and isopods.  The crickets are considered the consumers and the isopods are considered the scavenger.  We placed the following in the aqaruium:  mosquito fish, snails, duckweed, algae, and elodea.  The snails are the scavengers.  The producers are the duckweed, elodea, and algae.  The consumers are the mosquito fish.