Student forms

Encore T-shirt order form

Deadline: Postmark Date April 23rd Hand delivered to Robertson Academy April 27th

All proceeds from this sale will help clear up a deficit in our back-to-school events and after-school activities account and will establish a base for our fall 2012 back-to-school events.  Thanks for helping!

Student’s Name _______________________­­________ Parent’s Name _______________________________

Student’s School ______________________Grade _____ Encore teacher _____________________________

Contact phone number and/or email address ____________________________________________________

100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts $11  (Note XXL shirts are $12)



Number ordered


Number ordered

Youth small (6-8)


Adult medium


Youth medium (10-12)


Adult large


Youth large (14-16)


Adult x-large


Adult small


Adult xx-large



Total number of t-shirts ordered          ____________    x    $11 (tax is included)   =          __________________


Total number of XXL t-shirts ordered   ____________    x     $12 (tax is included)    =        __________________


Donation amount to back-to-school events account                                                             __________________

Total amount included                                                                                                            __________________

(Encore teachers will NOT collect orders during TCAP and K-2 testing weeks since classes are suspended)

Mail or deliver payment to:   Robertson Academy, attn. (name of your child’s Encore teacher)

835 Robertson Academy Rd., Nashville, TN 37220


Winning Student Drawing of hands spelling “ENCORE ROX”; logo will be retouched by graphic artist