Books for gifted kids

Many times, gifted students read far above the level where it is easy to find appropriate content.  Hopefully this list will help.  It is not exhaustive.  As a parent or teacher, preview these books to make sure they are approiate for your child's or student's emotional maturity.  Teachers can also use these books in the classroom as a literacy circle or as an enrichment for your gifted students. You can also look up "100 great books".  Some are appropriate, some are not.  Don't forget poetry books.

Historical Fiction:  Laura Ingles Wilder books; Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth Speare; Sign of the Beaver by Elizebeth Speare;

Fiction:  The Dark is Rising (3rd in a series, the whole series is interesting); 100 cupboards; Castle in the Attic; Artimus Fowl; Fablehaven series by Mull; Percy Jackson series; Junglebook (unabridged version); Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs (unabridged); Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (unabridged- kinda hard at first- controversial topics such as slavery); Tuck Everlasting; Journey to the Center of the Earth; 100 dresses; Bridge to Terabitha; On the far side of the mountain

NonFiction:  journals by specific organizations such as the National Science Teacher Assiciation ( It might be for teachers, but it clearly explains what is happening in the world of science.; magazines; newspapers such as Nashville's Retrospect which reruns headline stories from decades past (;