Speller's Choice


Speller’s Choice   

“Speller’s Choice” is what we will use for weekly Spelling homework assignments.  Speller’s Choice will allow your child to choose the types of activities to complete with his/her weekly words.  Please assist your child in choosing activities that are appropriate for his/her level. If your child struggles with our weekly spelling tests, please encourage him/her to choose activities that require repeated writing of the words; for example: Rainbow Words, ABC Order Words or Third Times a Charm.  This will help give your child the extra practice needed for learning the spelling patterns of our words.  If your child has already mastered most spelling patterns and can spell our weekly words easily, encourage him/her to choose activities that will challenge him/her creatively; for example: Secret Agent Words, Backwards Words or Words-in-Words.

There will be a total of 2 Speller’s Choice nights for homework.  Your child is to pick one different activity each night and complete that activity on the next clean page in their Spelling Journal.  Please have your child write the date and activity they are doing on the top of the paper.  Have fun practicing your Spelling Words !



Speller’s Choice Activities

ABC Order- Write your spelling words in alphabetical order

Reversed Order- Write your spelling words in reversed alphabetical order (Z-A)

Rainbow Words-Write each of your words in three colors example:             set, set, set                    let, let, let

Backwards Words- Write your words forwards, then backwards

Third Times a Charm- Write all of your words 3x’s each

Synonym Words- Write a synonym for each of your words

Silly Sentences- Write a sentence for each of your words

Ransom Words- Write your words by cutting out letters in newspapers or magazines and then glue them into your Spelling Journal

Words-in-Words- Write your words and then try to make a new word from each word using some or all of the letters

Magazine Words- Use an old magazine or newspaper, and find your word.  Cut it out, and glue it into your Spelling Journal

Secret Agent Words- Number the alphabet from 1-26, then convert your words to a number code

Vowel Chart- Make a chart and label it 1 vowel, 2vowels and 3 or more vowels- Write your words in the correct columns

Riddle Me- Write a riddle for your spelling words.  Give 3 clues for each word.  Don’t forget to add the answer to your riddle!

Dictionary Definition- Write the definition of each of your Spelling Words