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Developing as a Professional Educator

     It is awesome to see the growth that I have made in the last two years of induction.  My far my most growth was in CSTP 6 Developing as a professional educator.  The whole induction experience encourages you to try new things and be open to professional development opportunities.  Professional development is also what keeps our jobs exciting and fresh.  Opportunities for continued improvement will always be planning.  I want to be able to improve in my planning in order to give my students more experiences and more rigor in content.  I have surprised myself in the variety of things I have tried, thanks to induction.  It really gave me the push to incorporate more Kagan.  Doing that encouraged me to participate in my district's careers program and a project based learning activity, this school year.  

     I would like to continue working on my lesson planning and long range planning for my students.  I would like to incorporate more and more of my schools initiatives such as Kagan Cooperative Learning, Project Based Learning, and 21st century skills.  The actions I will take is to attend the available trainings and try to make sure that I am using at least class builders and team builders, next school year. I can remain connected by continuing to attend professional development, collaborating with my peers, and researching deeper into initiatives, at my district. 

     The Key to sustaining energy and passion is balance.  It is important to take time for yourself and your family and not feel guilty about it.  If you take that time to regenerate, you will be a better teacher in the long run.  We are examples to the children we serve, and we encourage them to ask for breaks and self regulate.  We need to model that.  Continuing to go to professional development also keeps things exciting.  it gives you new tools and strategies for your tool box.  

     Advice I have for new special educators would be to attempt one thing from each training that you go to.  Do not try to implement everything with fidelity, but just be willing to try new things and not wait for the right time or circumstance.  You will get better and better at implementing what you learn, in time.  


 During my summative this school year, my principal said, "You have so much belief in your kids, don't lose that, you try things that other teachers would not attempt".  -Fortune Barles

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