English Language Arts Notes Videos

Look here throughout the year to watch videos on English Language Arts (Reading) topics that were taught in class. This can be used as a review before tests and as review throughout the year.

1. Reading Strategy: Rules   These two videos go together but are in two parts due to length limitations. Please watch together!

Part 1: RULES

Part 2: RULES

2. Cause and Effect Relationships: This video describes cause and effect relationships, which is part of RI 3.3. 

3. Reading TipsThis video re-emphasizes the importance of the RULES strategy and gives some other tips to score higher on reading assessments and assignments. PARENTS and STUDENTS, please watch this video in order to gain a deeper understanding. Parents, please check your child's work and ensure these steps are being followed.

4. Context CluesThis video defines and gives examples of context clues to help you determine the meaning of unknown words.