Math Notes Videos

Look here throughout the year to watch videos on math topics that were taught in class. This can be used as a review before tests and as review throughout the year.

1. Place Value Review     Please review this video to ensure you understand place value through the thousands place. This will be vital to our first unit on rounding.

2. Rounding     This is the first math topic of the year. Please review these videos after it has been taught (I will let you know when that is).

Part A                      This section reviews the rules and strategies for rounding

Part B                      This section includes the "trick" questions and some sample problems

3. Adding     This video goes over the standard algorithm. I will add videos later on how to determine if it is an adding word problem using the CUBES and STOP SIGN strategy in a later video.

4. Subtracting:     This video goes over the standard algorithm. Once students have a concrete understanding of subtracting with regrouping, please pay special attention to subtraction across multiple zeroes (ex. 4,000 - 1,234).

5. Problem Solving Strategies:     This video demonstrates the math problem solving strategies "Stop Sign" and "CUBES." Both can be used in conjunction on any math word problem to decode the information and solve.

6A. Bar Graphs and Pictographs Part A:     This video reviews our discussion on bar graphs and pictographs.

6B. Bar Graphs and Pictographs Part B:     This video finishes our discussion on bar graphs and pictographs.

7. Model and Calculate Multiplication: This video will show different ways to model and calculate single digit multiplication problems. Remember, our goal is to have ALL FACTS ROTE MEMORIZED at this point. If you don't keep working!

8. Properties of Multiplication: This video will explain the zero, identity, commutative, associative, and distributive properties of multiplication.

9. Distributive Property: This video explains in detail the distributive property.

Multi-rectilinear Area: This video shows how to find the area of complex shapes composed of more than one rectangle.

11. Perimeter: This video shows how to find the perimeter of any shape.

12. Given Perimeter, Find Missing Side: This video demonstrates how to find the missing side dimension of a rectangle when given the perimeter and one side. This is explained in the first perimeter video, but some find this difficult so I wanted to highlight this concept by itself as well.

13. Time Part a: This video goes through vocabulary related to time, as well as how to determine start and end time.

14. Time Part b: This video gives two different methods to find elapsed time.

15. Fractions Part a: Visual fractions, comparing fractions, and equivalent fractions.

16. Fractions Part b: Equivalent fractions and the fraction bar as a division sign.

17. Line Plots: The last topic of the year is reading a line plot with fractions.