This Week's Objectives

Objectives/Focus :

Multiplication Focus

NEW: 5x6 = 30, 5x7= 35, 5x8= 40, 5x9= 45

REVIEWSquares: 2x2=4, 3x3=9, 4x4=16, 5x5=25, 6x6=36, 7x7=49, 8x8=64, 9x9=81; Twos: 2x3=6, 2x4=8, 2x5=10, 2x6=12, 2x7=14, 2x8=16, 2x9=18

 ***Students should know facts (by memory, not skip counting)

Spelling Words    

Group 1: (final k, ck, ke): lick, snack, stuck, stick, seek, soak, weak, lake, snake, strike

Group 2: (plurals: s, es) cows, gates, horses, boxes, foxes,

buses, glasses, dishes, benches, churches

Group 3: (VCV, VCCC) super, diner, tiger, later, paper, supper, dinner, happen, happy, button


Group 4: (re, pre, dis, mis): recapture, reclaim, reelect, prehistoric, precaution, discontent, disinfect, disregard, misbehave, misjudge

ELA:   RL3.1: Ask and answer questions, referring directly to the text


Math: OA.1: Model Multilication (equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, etc.); OA.3: Multiplication word problems

Science: Force and motion

Social Studies: We will focus on Science for the next two weeks.