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I am Ms. Billinger and I am the proud teacher at Higher Learning Academy K-5. 

This website follows our students learning in my Natural Habitat class. My class is constantly learning new and exciting things about nature that will follow them through their lives! Our class has a varitey of insects, mammals and retiles that students help care for and develop special bonds.

Class News

Fall Schedule

October is our month of exciting fall fun and mid-term test. (Maks note of the following dates)

  • 1st  Students will be visting the fishermans museum 
  • 3rd We will begin learning about the Monarch butterfly followed by a quiz during class.
  • 4th-14th We will be reviewing for our mid-term test.
  • 15th-18th The school will be having the annual fall festival.
  • 30th The class will be having a Halloween party and we encourage parents to come celebrate with us.

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