Classroom Management


To help my preschoolers enhance their self- control and “show self direction and responsibility through developing positive responses to challenges,” (a standard outlined in the Virginia Personal and Social Development Foundation Block 2) I have provided an opportunity for them to solve the inevitable small conflicts of the everyday classroom life in a positive way. “It’s your choice,” a social and emotional behavioral management system by Lauren Florin and Christine John, is gradually becoming very popular with the four year olds in my class. This age appropriate chart uses KELSO (a frog) to assist children chose their response to situations. We have discussed the common social problems and ideas for their solutions illustrated on the chart, so when they, the children, have a small problem they go over to the chart- “to see KELSO” They have the option to wait and cool off, make a deal, apologize, tell them to stop, ignore it, walk away, talk it out, share and take turns and go to another game. The children are able to use this tool to manage conflict. They now feel empowered to make decisions for themselves while learning basic life skills.