Healthy Food Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan – Healthy Food for the Tooth

By Nerissa Sampong

CHD 146 – June 17, 2010

  1. Objective: Identify healthy food choices for the teeth; describe the effect of too much soda on one’s teeth
  2. Math/science/social studies skill: Unit 38 of our textbook emphasizes the need to introduce young children to concepts in health and nutrition so they learn how to take care of their bodies and develop lifelong habits at an early age.
  3. Virginia Foundation Block for Early Learning: History and Social Science Foundation Block 6 states that, “The child will identify that people have wants and make choices” also support this important life science concept.
  4. Age of Children: This activity is appropriate for four years old and my ideal group size would be 8 children. The activities would be done in two days.
  5. Materials Needed:
    • Two white hard -boiled eggs
    • Two plastic clear glasses
    • Water
    • A bottle of Coke or Pepsi
    • Real food items: corn, carrots, broccoli, peas, grapes, strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, kiwis, peaches, cookies, candies, soda, cheese sticks.
    • Book- We Eat Food That’s Fresh 
    • Flannel board set comprising two cut-out tooth shapes, one with a smiley face and the other with sad face. Also included are pictures of the food items for assessment.
 StrategiesDay 1a)      Before we begin, I will find out what the children know about teeth by engaging them in a discussion of their teeth and its uses. To make sure the children understand the concept of healthy food and why it is important I will make up a story to explain to them that some foods make one’s teeth happy and others makes it sad because it is not good for it and causes cavities.

b)      I will have children observe the two white hard-boiled eggs and describe what they see. I will direct the children to the realization that eggs are white, just like our teeth. Then I will divide them into two groups. One group will soak their egg in the water and another group in the soda. The children will predict what they think will happen to the two eggs when will leave them overnight.

    Day 2

c)      Children will observe their eggs, describe, and compare them. I will lead them to conclude that the excess amount of sugar in the soda stained the egg.

d)      I will read the book We eat Food That’s Fresh, making sure to show my students the colorful pictures.

e)      Children will help classify the real food into healthy and unhealthy piles using the two tooth cut-outs as labels.

  1. Follow-up Activities

a)      Listen to the companion CD that comes with the book.

b)      Cut the fruits into different shapes and sizes and observe the seed inside them.

c)      Children will try their choice of the food items provided and describe the taste.               

d)      Use tooth brush and toothpaste to clean the soda- stained egg.

e)      We will have a discussion of how good food makes one grow big and strong

  1. Thematic Possibilities
    • Dramatic play- Dress up as a chef and cook in the kitchen center.
    • Art – Draw or paint favorite food items.
    • Math- use Lego blocks to make a graph to find the favorite fruit of the class.
    • Science- Blend some of the fruits to make a smoothie and freeze apple juice to make popsicles for snack.
    • Manipulative center- use playdoh to make fruits and vegetables.
    • Language Art – read books about teeth and growing plants.
  2. Assessment

I will ask children individually to describe what would happen to their teeth if they drink too much soda and ask them to make four food choices for Mr. Happy and two for Mr. Sad using the flannel board set.

I would indicate on a checklist if the child was:

                                                                                I.      __ Able to describe what would happen to one’s teeth and chooses four healthy foods and two unhealthy foods.

                                                                            II.      __ Able to describe what would happen to ones teeth and        chooses two healthy foods and two unhealthy foods

                                                                           III.      ___Not able to describe what would happen to ones teeth and not able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food.


  1. Parent Follow-up
    • Children will take home a letter asking the family to allow them to accompany them to a grocery store to look at food items and for a fruit to be brought in for a friendship snack
    • Ask each family to draw or cut and paste pictures of each family member’s favorite fruit, vegetable or meal and bring it to school for “show and tell”.