Fire Safety Lesson Plan

Health and Safety Lesson Plan/ Teaching Unit – Fire Safety

Nerissa Sampong

April, 16 2010

  1. Objective: Child will make a three–dimensional object while learning about fire safety
  2. Theme/ topic : Responsible Behaviors
  3. Age/Grade: Three to four year olds:
  4. Number of children/staff needed: eight children, one teacher and a parent helper.
  5. Time of day: Morning after snack
  6. Length of activity: 15 minutes for songs and practicing “stop, drop and roll” and 15 minutes for making fire truck.
  7. Domains of development
    • Fine motor- gluing and painting
    • Gross motor –practice “stop, drop and roll”

·        Children would have an opportunity to express their individual creativity through choice of materials when making fire truck.

·        Children would participate in group activity and follow directions during fire drill


·        Children would know fire safety rules,

·        Children would know when and how to dial 911 for help,

·        Children would learn about fire fighters and the equipments they use to help keep us save.

  1. Materials needed:
    • Book related to fire fighters
    • Old phone
    • Different size tissue boxes, juice boxes, tempera paint red, blue, orange, yellow, black and white, covers of milk gallons, cover of water bottles, buttons, paper towel rolls, foam, variety of paint brushes and  tacky glue.
  2. Direction for lesson:
    • Read book: Firefighters by Katie Daynes
    • Practice dialing 911 using old phone
    • Practice Stop, drop and roll using DLTK’s Crafts for kids Fire Safety songs found in DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Fire Safety Song
Sung to the tune of "What shall we do with a drunken sailor"
What do you dial if there's a fire,
What do you dial if there's a fire,
What do you dial if there's a fire,
Dial 9-1-1!

What do you do to plan for fire,
What do you do to plan for fire,
What do you do to plan for fire,
Have a fire drill!

What do you do if you're on fire,
What do you do if you're on fire,
What do you do if you're on fire,
Stop, drop and roll!

Who comes in a truck if there's fire,
Comes in a truck if there's fire,
Comes in a truck if there's fire,
It's the Fireman!

 The Fire Song Sent in by a viewer...
sung to "Frere Jacques"

If there's a fire 
If there's a fire
In your house
In your house

What do you do
What do you do
YOU GET OUT " " " "
 Directions for making a fire truck
  • Show children the items listed above.
  • Have children choose a tissue box and a juice box.
  • Use tacky glue to attach juice box on top of the tissue box.
  • Glue cover of milk gallon or foam on the side for the wheels.
  • Using glue affix the water bottle caps, buttons or foam as headlight for the fire truck.
  • Glue the paper towel roll on the top to represent the ladder.
  • Lastly paint truck with choice of tempera paint.
  1. Virginia Building Block: Virginia Physical and motor Development Foundation Block 4- Responsible Behaviors
  2. Virginia Child Development Milestones: Physical Development and health, Strand 3: Health and well-being(Nutrition and Self-care practices)
  3. Curriculum follow-up activities
    • Children practice crawling under an imaginary smoke and have a fire drill –movement
    • Children would play with fire fighter kit – dramatic play
    • Family project- with the help of parents children would memorize their full name, home phone number, address and draw a family fire escape plan and bring it for a class discussion – Language Arts
    • Children would practice writing 911 as well as  their home telephone number - math
    • Invite a fire fighter to come and share about their work- Language Arts
    • Children would observe an experiment I would perform called “what does fire need?” I would light a candle and then cover it with a glass jar – Science
    • Children would make candle snacks with half banana stuck in a slice of cantaloupe and topped with strawberry to learn about some of the healthy foods fire fighters need to eat in order to stay strong and healthy- science