Classroom Management


We will be using a clip chart where students have their name on a clothespin and it will moved according to their actions/behaivor. Students will receive OWL tickets for good behaivor and following directions :) 

We will be using a hole punch card that has twenty hole punches on it, and when the child is on the three upper colors(blue, purple, and pink) of the clip chart they will get 1, 2, or 3 hole punches depending how high up the chart they go by the end of the day. Once they reach twenty hole punches they will get to pick a prize. 



We will be using a pom pom jar as a whole group incentive activity throughout the year. When the pom-pom jar is full we will have a class vote on what the children want as their reward for example: An ice cream party, game board party, movie day, etc.