Homework & Helpful Resources

Homework- There is a homework grid that comes home every Monday. Look in your child's homework folder :) 

It is marked in their homework packet how many words to study. The menu from which your child will choose their spelling activities is HERE


Here is a list of a few websites that you may find helpful:

Energy Site this is a cool website to go over energy if your child is struggling with potential and kinectic energy.

commonsensemedia.org is an excellent place to see reviews of books and movies for specific content, such as alcohol and other drug use, any language you may find inappropriate, and mature themes. 

freerice.com is a fun place to work on skills in the areas of humanities, science, English, math, and languages. It's also great because they donate free rice through the World Food Programme. 

mathfactcafe.com is a great resource for printable math worksheets to practice basic and advanced facts. 

khanacademy.org is a wonderful resource for reteaching an incredible array of topics. We occasionally use it as a class resource, but it is always a great help to students and parents who need a refresher at home. 

https://www.arcademics.com/ is a great resource for reviewing skills.

Typing.com is a great resource to practice typing.

Epic is a great resource to find online books to read or be read to.

Common Core Sheets is a great resource for math worksheets for extra practice.

 virtual field trips for you and your child to enjoy.

 web sites offering special deals or that are just helpful.

Stories from space astronauts reading stories from space.