Accidental Alphabet



 _ CM . . . . Volume IX Number 8. . . . December 13, 2002

cover Accidental Alphabet.

Dianna Bonder.
North Vancouver, BC: Whitecap Books, 2002.
32 pp., cloth, $19.95.
ISBN 1-55285-394-2

Subject Headings:
English language-Alphabet-Juvenile literature.
Accidents-Pictorial works-Juvenile literature.

Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 2-8.

Review by Helen Norrie.

**** /4


Ulf's underwear were ugly, uneven and unfit,
Undersized and full of holes, they'd pinch, and seams would split.
And though they were unsightly, Ulf wore them every day.
But when he took them off to wash, his undies ran away!

B.C. artist and rhymster Dianna Bonder has created an entertaining alphabet picture book with the Accidental Alphabet. Her pictures are detailed, colorful and humorous. She has also created a host of amusing characters: Auntie Augusta, Nelly Newt, Vula Voo, Yikkity Yak and others.

     One of the tests of a good alphabet book is always in the treatment of the "difficult letters," X, Y and Z. Bonder scores well in this regard as evidenced by the following couplets:

X: Xavier Xay was excited one day
upon expecting his first x-ray.

Y: Yikkity Yak, with his yellow backpack, yearned for yellow yams
With Yorkshire pudding on the side, and yummy yucca jams.

Z: Zoe loved her zebra, zig-zag stripes and all
She got him from the zoo one day when he was one inch tall.

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