For Parents: How can I help?

Parent Tips

READING- What do I do when my child is having trouble reading the words (fluency)?

  • Read the rest of the sentence.
  • What words would make sense that begins and  ends with that sound?
  • Look at the picture for clues.
  • Take off the beginning and endings, look at root word.  un/like/ly
  • Look for small words in the bigger word. 
  • Split  (it) Divide the words into syllables (one vowel sound per syllable).
  • Cover up parts of the word with your finger.
  • Look for word chunks -ing, unk, ight


How do I help with comprehension (understanding what my child reads)?

Have your child look at the book (cover and inside).  
Let them tell you what  they think the book will be about and why (prediciton). 
Encourage your child to ask questions before, during, and after the story.  
You may want to model this when you read to them. 
Ask them to tell you what  connections they have or what the story reminds them about as they read. 
Have them retell the story using just the important details in the correct  sequence. 
Have them reread a difficult sentence. (Sometimes it helps to read a story  twice.  The first time to get through the difficult words and the second for  meaning). 
Make sure the book is an appropriate reading level for your child- not too  difficult or too easy.


Why does my child have to read 5 days a week?

Practice makes perfect!  
A child who reads 4 days a week for 20 minutes will read 720 minutes less in a school year, than someone who reads 5  nights a week for 20 minutes!