Class Expectations

I believe that fourth grade is a very valuable year in a child's education.  They are transitioning from primary to intermediate where the workload can be more chanllgeing and perhaps slightly overwhelming at times.  For these reasons I think it is vital that students begin to take responsibility for themselves and their work both in and out of school.   Responsibilitiy is a much needed life skill and it is never too early to begin holding kids accountable, after all, as they progress in school the responsibility they have increases.   Responsilbility is going to be a main focus this year and I ask that you carry this over to home as well. 

One way I will teach responsibility to students is setting HIGH and CLEAR expectations.  I have found that when student know exactly what is expected of them they are more likely to be successful.  My expecations will be clear to both you and the students to set them up for success.  Because expectations will be clear and students will know them in advance, it will be their responsibility to ensure that they are met. 

I thank you in advance for your help and cooperation to make your child successful!!!

Below are some links for some of our classroom expecations:

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