About Mrs. Newton and Rules of the Class

I have taught here at CPHS since 2002.  I also graduated from this school and have lived here in Carleton Place a lot of my life.


I am mostly a science teacher now, which includes chemistry and biology.  I have taught Food and Nutrition in the past but not for a few years now.


My degree is in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph and I went to Teachers college in North Bay at Nippissing University.


Rules in my Classroom:

100% Respect  (and I am kinda old school)


No phones out unless I say they are required.  They have a storage spot in my classroom in a calculator envelope set up on the wall, I don't touch them but kids can leave them there if they have a strong addiction to them.  They can otherwise just stay in backpacks,  They are not allowed on the desk, in the desk or in sight.  If there is complete Refusal to adhere to this rule then I will send the student to the Vice Principal to review acceptable behaviours in a learning environment made for 20+ people. 

Reason: Honestly.... I can't compete with instagram, youtube and other very entertaining memes.  I have old school science labs that are hands on though, so I do hope to win them over that way wink and keep them on top of the curriculum every hour they are with me to the best of my ability.



Respect and LOGIC: With the respect comes the rest, students must treat each other well, their teacher included.  I also adhere to this rule.  Do not mistake discipline and being told what to do as disrespect though.

They must understand it is not always a democracy in the class and it is a place of rules and deadlines. 

Reason: These are here to ensure learning has the best possibility to take place properly in a large group setting.  




This is science and if behaviour is at all an issue that can affect the safety of students ---it will NEVER be tolerated.  If safety is compromised students may be removed from class even if it means they are losing their chance to attain a lab mark.  If unsafe they are not demonstrating a sufficient level of lab performance and therefor may fail that evaluation.




Late Assignments: If I can't get assignments in to mark - I can't return them in a timely manner to allow students to learn from them before tests and evaluations. 

That is the underlying reasons behind a deadline.  All of the classes I teach-- it is assumed to be full of busy students so for equitable treatment,  if an assignment is returned marked to the class,  that assignment will not be accepted from the time it has been marked moving forward. 

In certain situations, if the student needs to make up a mark they have to arrange a meeting with me at their responsibility and in a fair timeline where a new assignment may be assigned to replace a lost mark due to incomplete assignments.


Plagiarism and Copying: This will result in a no mark and/or a zero