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Book Review

This book is a must read for all women who are seeking the answers to their natural actions and reasonings for decisions. It is also a must read for the men who are looking to understand how and why the wome's mind works. Gilligan gives a very clear insight in how much we as women  misunderstand ourselves. As women we are often trained by the society that we have been conditioned to. Women are trained to fit into the male world, we are raised under the ideal that men are the providers and women are the care givers. With this ideal we often put others thoughts and feelings before our own. Gilligan takes a deep look at these emotions, responses, and outcomes, breaking them into stages and proving her facts through studies and other work.  Every page of this book was a revelation to me. I found myself glued from the first page to the last, shocked by the responses and obvious outcomes of the most basic questions. This book left me asking one question...where to go next as women? As Gilligan stated, "I have not revised In A Different Voice because it has become part of the process that it describes-the ongoing historical process of changing

the voice of the world by bringing women's voices into the open, thus starting a new conversation" (Letter to Readers, 1993).

Get 2 Months for $5!