Teacher Page


I am Nicolette Pollack, a 22 years old graduate from Benedictine University, located in Lisle, Illinois.  I wanted to be a special education teacher from the first day I tutored a class in high school.  It seems so long ago, but my love of special education has stayed strong.  Literature was my favorite subject in school, I love to read!

  I am very excited to teach in a self-contained classroom.  Being the main teacher I will have more control over the everyday going activities in my room.  I also have more direct contact with my students, rather than in an inclusion setting.  I do have high goals for my students and I believe each and every one of them will rise to the expectations set before them.  I my very lucky to have my dream position!

This is my first year as a certified teacher, and I have such excitement for the coming semester!  Any suggestions you may have to help me give your child the best education possible is welcome.  I want to keep in close contact with my students' families, so you will be hearing from me once a week!