Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectation: Consequences:

1. Respect! 1. Verbal Warning.

2. Keep hands/feet to self. 2. Time after school.

3. Arrive on time and ready for class. 3. Time after school and a call home.

4. Follow directions. 4. Referral to the dean.

5. Have a positive attitude.

Severe Clause  

The Severe Clause  includes immediate severe consequences  

for physical fights or bringing weapons to class.  Student who

violate the Severe Clause will be removed from the classroom

and receive consequences accordingly.


Classroom Point System 

In my class, students will be on a point system.  Each time a task is completed, homework is turned in,

or I "catch the students doing something good", they will be rewarded with points.  When directions are not

followed or rules are broken, the students choose to lose points.  With the accumulated points, the students

may choose to "purchase" items such as food, homework passes, or ordering lunch from off campus.