Chasing Our Tales


We are well into our senses unit.  Today we worked in inquiry circles and did research about all our different senses.  We took a senses walk and I took pictures of the kids to make a book.  

 In the afternoon during our free inquiry time the kids have been busy creating their own markets, painting, and working on writing skills.

Thanks to Mrs. Madura and all my helpers for planning our Halloween party and the great decorations!

9/16 Happy Constitution Day

Today we learned about our Constitution today.  We read some books about America and even drafted our own set of laws.  Mrs. Hoag's class came in and taught us American the Beautiful and together we watched a video about the Constitution.  We also practiced the letter Gg!  Have a great weekend! 


We started the second unit of our Treasures unit this week.  We will be learning the letters S and P.  We've changed over to handwriting Without Tears and I will send you the handwriting practice sheets so you know what it looks like.  In math we are reviewing numbers and counting.  

 I am very sorry about the September calendar I never sent out.  Mrs. Madura is so on top of things and has reminded me several times, but I forgot. 

Please start thinking about treats you would like to donate to our Halloween party.  We will be making a sign up sheet soon!  Fall break is coming up fast and the party is not too long after we return!



We are still working on patterns in math.  Tomorrow we will also start a numbers unit because it is very simple.  


We worked on setting and nouns today.  Tomorrow we will start the letter S in our Treasures curriculum. In centers the students did a lot of word building and practice with the letters a and m.

Tomorrow is day 2-Art. 


Today the students worked in small groups while I worked on some assessments.   We also worked on handwriting, making predictions, and the letter a.  Yesterday we started doing some blending, worked on setting and HF words.  

 Please donate to our bulldog store if you can!  It would help my financial situation very much! Sealed

 Thanks Mrs. Madura for putting up the decorations on our outside wall.  She did a lovely job!!  Thanks Ms. Price for doing our apples and Thanks to Mrs. Rosario for getting our Thursday folders done! 


We started our first reading groups today!  Some kids worked in little books and others worked on blending and letter identification.  In math we made  shape patterns and played a concentration game.  Tomorrow we have library so don't forget your books! 

Lunch for tomorrow: 1 Spaghetti with meat sauce and 2 pizza dippers. 


Literacy: We worked on setting, making predictions, and the letter A.  We didn't get to math.  We practiced the HF word the and reviewed can, we, and I.

I sent home the BEE books today!! 

Lunch tomorrow: #1 Chicken Nuggets and #2 Fish sandwich with Corn, fruit, and milk  


Next week:


Genre: fiction, expository, folktale

Strategy: recognize story structure

Skills: setting, making predictions

Phonics: Aa

Writing: making picture lists

Vocabulary: activity, cooperate, exciting, exhausted, gather

Grammar: nouns


color patterns, shape patterns, comparing patterns, using patterns to predict what comes next, creating patterns



Today we continued to work on compare and contrast. We also worked on our vocabulary for the week.  We did a paper in which the students had to circle things that begin with the /m/ sound. 

Math: Left and Right

Other: We had a fire drill and watched a movie with Mrs. Hoag's class.



Left and Right

We practiced left and right, but didn't finish the lesson because we had an extra music class this afternoon.

Literacy: Just a note, we are not doing D'nealian.  We are learning the more traditional ball and stick method.

Compare/Contrast elements of a story

Vocabulary for the week: imitate, resemble, together, animal, protect

High frequency words: I, we, can



Math: Top, middle, bottom 

Literacy: We practiced writing names using the lettering lines and getting the letters on the right part of the line.  We are also continuing to review letters and letter naming. 


Library books are due back tomorrow.  Don't forget to turn in your labels for Race for education.


Math: Inside, outside, over, under, on

We listened to story and talked about the position of the characters in the book.  We also worked on our mats to put the animals in different places.  On our review the kids practiced identifying the objects that are alike and different. 

Literacy: Identifying letters in the alphabet, matching lowercase and uppercase 

We talked about illustrator and author, practiced some alphabet sounds and songs, and did a page in which we matched uppercase and lowercase letters.


School pictures tomorrow, August 19th! :)  

Don't forget to fill out your labels for Race for Education.  The kids get prizes for bringing them in.

Open House is next Thursday from 6-7:30 .  I will be explaining a lot of important things especially relating to homework and communication.

Students need to return their library books on Friday. 

Please volunteer to help in the classroom.  Contact Mrs. Madura if you want to help.


 Math TodayToday in math we started a new unit called place and position.  We just finished up our first unit where we learned to sort by shape, size, color, and use.   Today we talked about inside, outside, under, over, left, and right.   


We are working through the alphabet a few letters at a time, as a review before we begin our first unit.  Today we practice the letter c.  In writing we wrote the words: I like.  We drew a picture of foods we liked.  During read aloud we heard a story about Yoko and how she brought sushi to school.  We'll be discussing how we are alike and different.