Ms. Hayes', Mrs. Isenhour’s & Mrs. Addison’s 
2nd Grade Class Newsletter

             After such an exciting week last week, we are ready to get down to business.  Thank you all so much for all of our Valentine's gifts and for making our party so special.

Our class had a great time writing our love bug stories.  They are displayed in the hall along with the bugs they created.  Cute job everyone!

This week we will be completing stories.  I will read them a beginning situation, and they must create a middle and ending.  We are focusing on problems and solutions.  In Math we will learn to make a graph, collect data for a graph, and how to answer questions from a graph.  We will learn the difference between a pictograph and a bar graph.

Your secret pal assignment turned out great.  Such creative ideas were brought in.  Most of us did a great job of keeping our identity a secret all week.  That was the hardest part of all.  Each child felt special to receive somethign that was made especially for them.  It's a wonderful feeling to do something nice for someone else.

Our star of the week is Hunter Williams.  Hunter’s favorite thing about school is PE.  His goal for the future is to play baseball for a living and he is proud of himself for helping around the house.  Something Hunter likes about himself is that he is a kind and helpful person.  Way to go Hunter!

When your child is chosen as the star of the week they will be asked to bring in Show and Tell on the Friday of that week.  We will plan to have Show and Tell at 1:30 every Friday.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

You can send a note, call the school and leave a message,

or email me at   

Thank You!
Have A Great Week! 
Mrs. Hayes 

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