Our behavior system in our classroom consists of green, yellow, and red sticks.  Each child begins each day with three sticks in their pouch.  If a child is called down repeatedly, they will be given a warning and then they will be told to pull a stick.  Pulling a green stick basically constitutes their warning and they will loose 5 minutes of recess.  If they pull a second stick, they will have silent lunch and will have to walk during part of their playground time.  I will contact you if they have pulled two sticks to inform you of what has been going on either through a note or phone call.  Pulling a red stick means  a loss of all privleges and I will make a phone call to let you know.  If the child has lost all three sticks they will possibly be removed from the classroom to spend some time in another teacher's room at this time, or visit the principals office.  Each week, on Monday, behavior sheets are sent home.  You will be able to see your child's behavior for the previous week at that time and you will see their work progress for each day.  It is very important that the behavior/work slips are signed and returned on Tuesday.

Students will be rewarded for good behavior for the week by receiving a stamp per day on their "bear's belly".  When they have received 10 stamps, they may visit the treasure box.  They are also rewarded for not loosing any sticks during the week by visiting the treasure box and attending Fun Friday. 

Please encourage your child to be on their best behavior daily and to always do their best work!