Different Ways Of Tying Straps In Tie Down Straps Manufacturer

Usually we can see tie down straps manufacturer near container factories or other transportation factories. Because belts are mostly used when transporting goods in containers, it is most convenient and quick to do business near these factories.

In the first step, you can circle the belt with both hands, then place it on your left hand, then place the same circle on the right end of the belt, on your left hand, and then place the second circle on The first lap. Finally, use a stick to pass through the middle of the two circles. In this way, when pulling hard, we only need to grasp the tail of the belt with our hands, so that the belt will become tighter and tighter and never fall off. The effect of binding in this way is the same whether it is tied to the cargo or not. This is the easiest and fastest method. Of course, this is not the only way to tie the straps.

There is also a three-piece bartacking used to tie the rope. Usually, this kind of knotting is the simplest-not only easy to knot, but also easy to untie. It is usually used to pull a rope from a stick, branch or other column to dry clothes, hang things, and sometimes tie a puppy.

Another way is to wrap one end of the rope around the branch from front to back and then from front to front, and then turn it back to the front. Then cross the ends of the last twisted rope twice, and then cross them to make one more circle (three circles in total), so it is called a triple tack. Finally, after winding the third loop, the end passes under the rope of the third loop to complete the tension. When unfastening, just pull out the end.

Of course, there are many other ways of tying straps, but these are the most common, so the probability of using them is also the highest.