Destroy the Qin Dynasty

Ji Kongshou had always been concerned about the general trend of the world, and naturally he had some understanding of Han Xin's current situation. So he hesitated for a moment, but still couldn't help asking: "Han Xin can be granted the title of Marquis of Huaiyin and rise rapidly in Jianghuai. I'm afraid this is also one of Pei Gong's far-sighted plans, isn't it?" Liu Bang was slightly startled, but soon returned to normal and said, "Anyway, you two are not outsiders, and the king doesn't have to hide it.". With the strength of Xiang Yu, the king if you want to compete with one, at most only 10% chance to win. But if there is a force as powerful as the king to form a pincer attack on Xiang Yu, the odds can be increased to 60%. This is because the battle on both sides, the battle line is long, Xiang Yu is bound to do two things at the same time, leading to attend to one thing and lose another. So the king thought over and over again, just decided to recommend Han Xin to Xiang Yu, at the same time in the dark to foster, this is equal to in the rear of Xiang Yu buried a dark chess, as long as the war together,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Xiang Yu will be attacked. His plan is no doubt an extremely confidential matter, even to the two people of Ji Kongshou to tell the whole story, which makes Ji Kongshou and Mr. Wuyin don't understand the intention of Liu bang. Could it be said that in the past six months, Liu bang really turned over a new leaf and regarded himself as a friend of the alliance, instead of being the enemy of life and death? This idea only flashed through Ji Kongshou's mind, and was soon rejected by Ji Kongshou very calmly. Between two people, gratitude and resentment has reached the point that can not be resolved. When they overlord Hongmen,turmeric extract powder, what they have is "the hatred of killing his father and taking his wife". Even if Liu Bang practices the martial arts of "tolerance is great", I'm afraid he still can't tolerate this hatred. Ji Kongshou believed in his own judgment, so he did not speak, but smiled and waited to see what would happen. This is a good plan, well-intentioned, and difficult to implement. It is not difficult for Han Xin to be appreciated by Xiang Yu, but it is difficult for Xiang Yu to trust Han Xin. Han Xin can come to this step today, it seems that Hanwang is spent a lot of thought. Said Mr. Five Tones. Who says it isn't? With the wisdom of Xiang Yu, it is not easy to deceive him. However, under the circumstances at that time, the last thing Xiang Yu wanted to see was to let Han Xin stay with the king. As long as he caught his psychology and prescribed the right medicine, he would inevitably not get into the trap set by the king ( Liu Bang smiled, but thought of that day in the Hongmen camp, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, the tense atmosphere still made him feel suffocated. So, Xiang Yu is raising a tiger for trouble? Said Mr. Five Tones. For every enemy, Han Xin is a tiger that can make people feel afraid at any time, his threat and destructive power, in this half a year has appeared in front of the world, this has become an indisputable fact. Liu bang could not hide his appreciation of Han Xin, quite a bit of pride tunnel. I agree with you. Mr. Wuyin knew the general trend of the world like the palm of his hand. Of course, he also saw a series of achievements made by Han Xin in the past six months. But he frowned and then changed the subject and said, "However, I don't know if the King of Han has ever thought about it. For Xiang Yu, Han Xin is raising a tiger, but for the King of Han, is it not?" His words seem to alienate the relationship between Liu bang and Han Xin, but tell the truth. But Liu Bang did not react as fiercely as he had imagined. Instead, he smiled indifferently and said, "Sir, what you said is very true. But the king weighed it over and over again, and finally believed in Han Xin's loyalty." Chapter VIII Conspiracy with the Enemy Ji Kongshou obviously realized that if Liu Bang and Han Xin joined hands, it would not only cause great trouble to Xiang Yu, but also threaten his own survival. With a cold hum, he reminded Liu Bang: "I have learned a lot about Han Xin's loyalty. I hope Hanwang won't end up like me." "Is Ji Shao still thinking about the battle of Dawangzhuang?" Liu Bang glanced at Ji Kongshou. Ji Kongshou smiled frankly and said, "What I hate most in my life is the treachery of others. How can I tolerate the plot behind my back by a friend who was once regarded as my brother?"? For this kind of person, I would rather be said to have no tolerance, but also vowed to avenge the sword! "It is because Han Xin stabbed a sword behind you that the king finally trusted him.". Though it is the same sword, in your eyes, it is abnegation, but in the king's eyes, it is loyalty. Without full confidence, how could the king put him in such an important position? Liu bang dare to speak like this, because he knew that the ant war in the dungeon of Tianlou prison had a great impact on Han Xin, and he knew more about Han Xin besides being keen on fame and wealth, there was a bigger weakness! And because this weakness was mastered by him, he was willing to spend a lot of effort to cultivate Han Xin. For him, he will never do the foolish thing of "raising a tiger for trouble". But he did not know that although it was man-made, everything in the world was spiritual. In order to defend their own territory, the two sides really launched a battle of the century, and the various tactics inside not only inspired Han Xin when he led the troops to fight in the future, but also made him create a wonderful skill that has been handed down for thousands of years- "chess"! "Since you are so sure, I have nothing to say." "Let's wait and see," said Ji Kongshou in a deep voice. Liu Bang said lightly, "Yes, things are unpredictable. Until that moment comes,pumpkin seed extract, we will never know who is right and who is wrong." Ji Kongshou glanced at him and said, "Just like the relationship between me and Hanwang.". Who would have thought that a pair of enemies who fought to the death half a year ago would sit here and talk like close friends half a year later, and that no one would believe it? 。