Perfect World (1)

The nine-headed monster was killed, and around him, several of his followers, also died tragically, were hit by Shi Hao in the starry sky, turned into a fog of blood. Go, this person has become the emperor, or close to the immortal emperor, invincible in the world, we are no match. Some of the creatures who came from the boundary sea shouted that they did not dare to make a move and turned around and fled. Where to go? Shi Hao shouted, the body is empty, the universe can not bind him, for a moment, cut off Cangyu, block in front. Boom! He punched out, heaven and earth turned pale, and the men were desperate and fought with all their strength. Unfortunately, the gap was obvious, and eventually they were all killed. Run away! Seeing this, the immortal kings of the exotic land fled one after another. They knew that the general trend had gone, that Shi Hao had risen, and that no one could stop him any more. Go, get out of here! Kun Di shouted. He regretted it very much now. How could he have expected to provoke a horrible creature? It was a great disaster. Desolate, don't be insolent! No martyrdom demon king really has great courage, he is responsible for breaking, a bronze halberd pointed at Shi Hao, and then fiercely split. Click! Euphorbia's bright blade was pinched off by Shi Hao's hand. His eyes were like cold electricity. He looked forward and killed with all his strength. All laws are invulnerable, and the supernatural powers are all dirt! No martyrdom roared, with pride, with a brilliant look, he did not yield, self-recognition of God can be unparalleled, unparalleled. He stopped Shi Hao, although he knew that it was ominous, but he still attacked, which was the faith and pride of his immortal giant. The clan is immune to magic power, not the magical power of the magical power, unparalleled in the world, how many kings, how many giants, headache, helpless. Many strong people are most afraid of fighting against Wu Shang. Now, however, this supreme power still doesn't change anything. Shi Hao also mastered this way, perhaps not as broad and profound as the clan, but he has been introduced, coupled with his present Geshi Xiuwei, who can stop? The so-called mana immunity is now invalid for him. Boom! Shi Hao clenched his fist and punched it out. The sky collapsed and the universe was broken down. In addition, Wu Shang's arms and chest were also punctured, bloody,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, bloody hole terror, shocking. Without martyrdom coughing up blood, he was laughing, and the brilliance on his face was not diminished, but his whole person was annihilating, fading, and then exploding into light and rain. Wu Shang fell and was killed by Shi Hao. Boom! Shi Hao steps, the wind and thunder bursts, the momentum is earth-shaking, really like the emperor in the dust, he is heading for the exotic direction. Wilderness is so alone a person to kill, into the foreign land, he wants to kill, push all the enemies in the world. After this day, who dares to be honored? Qi Yu, a giant in the realm of immortals, coughed up blood and said in the distance. Desolate, kill to the world no one dares to honor! Xianjin Taoist sighed. Chapter 1981 World War I draw with foreign lands. Desolation, such a rise, kill to the immortal king far away, the fallen immortal king escape, the four enemies are defeated, all the way to escape, out of shape! This kind of achievement, unprecedented, carnosic acid price ,pumpkin seed extract, shocked the world in World War I, brilliant in ancient and modern times. Myth of a man, pushing all the enemies in the world, without resistance, several tycoons were killed and wounded, so they were defeated and fled to the distant place. Wilderness, have you become an emperor? This is everyone's question, what level has he reached, people suspect that this is the real emperor, or close to that field? Between heaven and earth, Shi Hao fought his way out of the realm of immortals, crossed the boundless void, and came to a foreign land. He did not rush in immediately, but stood in the void. Boom! Endless rosy clouds were surging towards him, and he was recuperating his injuries, hoping to heal. He was badly injured, covered with blood and cracks, as if the most exquisite porcelain had been hit violently and then forced together. This is the price he paid for his breakthrough! There is a group of light in the body in the ups and downs, in fierce confrontation with his body, that is his God, although the initial fusion, but unstable, to break out of the body. The road symbol blooms, the infinite auspicious color flows, wraps Shi Hao, as if in the nirvana, must break the cocoon rebirth, his breath is more and more formidable. Poof! However, in the end, Shi Hao coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body staggered, and the injury was too serious to heal. He frowned. The injury was hard to get rid of, and it was getting worse slowly. Although it was not obvious, he could feel that it was a great threat to life and death. Burn my body, cut my wounds. "Shi Hao roared, the next moment, with the body as the seed, every inch of flesh and blood of the whole body is erupting, releasing the eternal breath, the essence is rolling, the magic power is like the sea, washing the flesh and blood, baptizing the soul.". The light in the body is also resonating. He is consuming his blood and doing everything he can to change his dangerous state. Unfortunately, the effect is still not good, in the end he can only maintain a balanced state, the injury does not increase or decrease, so stable. In this city, although the foreign kings saw his condition, but no one dared to make a move, no one came forward, all fled back to the foreign land. Because, not long ago, Shi Hao killed all sides, which really shocked them and left them an indelible impression. Finally, Shi Hao set foot in a foreign land, killed in, since the injury is so, now unable to change, then let it not increase or decrease, he wants to kill the enemy! If we don't get rid of the enemy today, it would be a pity if he had an accident in the future and fell because of his injuries. However, Shi Hao is confident that the so-called injury is not difficult for him, and he can get through it after all. The wasteland is coming! In a foreign land, someone roared loudly, and the sound shook the four directions. All the immortals were awe-inspiring, and all the monks of all nationalities were greatly shocked. Nowadays, the fame of the wilderness has already spread all over the world. However, looking back on the past, he was only a small monk, but also a prisoner, how can we expect that he has now grown up to this step, become a major threat to all nationalities. Now, no one can balance the famine, he. He may become an emperor! The news spread like a hurricane in a foreign land, causing a severe earthquake. There was no way to cover up the news of the First World War in the Fairy Land. Just now, someone learned about it, and then it spread out. It was like a landslide and a tsunami. All the people were frightened. At that time, the famine was still in the field of humanity, but today he has broken through the kingdom,naringenin price, this contrast, the contrast is too big, it is hard to accept.