Bullying #1

Name:                                                  Date:


Key word: 


what is bullying to you?:


Write a short paragraph about how if you ever been bullied  or seen someone else be bullied :



Quote of today : "A tiger dosent  lose sleep over the opinin of a sheep"


  • Who are you in this quote the sheep or tiger


  • Do you think the opinion of the sheep was good or bad?


  • Is the tiger stong? 




 types of bulling:


Physical bullying:




Verbal bullying




Social bullying




Cyber bullying:


What type of bullying did that video show?



A kid from school is calling me ugly online , what do i do?



     A. Send A screenshot to all my friends of the message.

     B.Tell my mom or dad

     C.Send him a mean message back.

     D.Break my phone