The notary document contains some sworn statement of facts. Notarized documents are legally approved, and can be utilized as strong proof in court. There are many reasons why notarized documents are as important as proof.

Are you wondering who is going to notarize your documents? Continue reading to get your answer…

A notary document is signed in the presence of trusted and authorized professionals by the statement maker. Notaries or lawyers are the professionals who witness the process of signing the documents for declaration. Please be reminded thatonly notaries or lawyers can authorize most document for legal authenticity and use.

Recruiting a lawyer is one of the options. With this, a Notry Public is the second option who has the authority to notarize the documents. A notary public is more advantageous because notary’s services and Statutory Declaration services are considerably more affordable than lawyers. Notaries are better for quick services or urgent appointments. However, when your notary is also a lawyer, you have the benefit of receiving the expensive services of a lawyer at the lower rate of a notary.

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