Our Daily Schedule

Our Schedule

  • 8:30                     Building opens (students report to cafe)
  • 8:40                     First bell (students report to homeroom)
  • 8:50                     Tardy bell and morning announcements
  • 9:00                     Specials
  • 11:00                   Nutritious snack
  • 12:00 or 12:30     Class change (days alternate) and midday bathroom break
  • 12:40                   Recess
  • 1:00                     Lunch
  • 1:20                     PM bathroom break
  • 3:40                     Dismissal bell

Tardy Bell

Students arriving to the classroom after the tardy bell will be required to obtain a pass from the office before entering the classroom.

Bathroom Breaks

Students will have three bathroom breaks as noted. If additional bathroom breaks are required on a consistent basis we will contact you, as there may be an issue that requires medical attention. Students will not be penalized in any way for bathroom breaks; however, leaving the classroom does create a distraction to learning and will be minimized as much as possible.


Students not properly completing homework assignments or in class assignments by their due dates will forfeit their recess and will attend Soaring to Success until the assignments are completed properly.


NO students (walkers, car riders, or bus riders) will be released from the building until the 3:40 bell has rang AND the assigned school staff opens the doors to release the students.