Letter to the Parents

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians;                                         8/08 

Welcome to the 2008-2009 school year!  We are thrilled to be your student’s teachers and have been preparing for a year full of excitement and learning.   

Our expectations are high for your student’s achievement.  To ensure that all students experience the full benefit of this school year as well as reach the high goals set before them, it is our firm belief that behavior must be top notch at all times.  Our classroom motto is “No one has the right to steal someone else’s education.” Therefore, positive and appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  Behavior that does not follow our classroom standards will be dealt with immediately and swiftly.   

Outlined in this Guide Book are number of expectations, procedures, goals, and facts that will assist your student in having a highly effective year. 

We have an open communication policy and value your support.